Bad boy stairsThe three of us took off down the stairs, laughing and giggling like little girls, while we sang another Beatles’ song, “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah…” Between floors, each staircase had fourteen steps until the next floor then, a sharp turn and another fourteen steps.This pattern continued all the way to the first floor.

As we reached the eighth floor, my sneaker came untied, and as we rounded the turn going from the eighth floor to the seventh floor, Gumby stepped on my loose shoelace, sending me tripping head first at the top of the stairs. Gumby fell on top of me, and Billy followed in turn falling on top of Gumby.

All of us fell down the stairs together, banging our heads, legs and arms until we reached the landing on the seventh floor. We came to a stop bunched up together in the corner next to the exit door. We laid there moaning and groaning, no longer singing delightful Beatle songs. Screeching in pain, we decided, at that moment, as we crawled into the seventh floor hallway, the elevator was the better choice to the lobby.

God Verses 2


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