Dirty Underwear


I had one thought: “How long will it be before those workers leave so I can jump from this window ledge, track through the mud, and get to that wet cement?” Then as quickly as possible, I would dig both of my palms face down into the cement, leaving my imprint.

However, on this particular day, I was too quick, and not realizing the cement had been poured only moments before, I slid both of my hands into the deep cement, and the momentum carried my body forward as both knees, then my chest, elbows and stomach landed flat into the pool of wet cement. When I stood up, my whole body was covered in cement; I could feel wet cement dripping from my hair onto my face.

I turned, and to my horror, watching from the kitchen window was Mom. She screamed, “Don’t move! Stay right where you are!” Mom jumped from the kitchen window, and within minutes, she was stripping me down to my underwear. She then had me embarrassingly walk into the building, wearing only my underwear.

God Verses 8

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