Tumbling Dice


Heading back to the Laundromat, hoping the wash was done, our wish came true as all three machines had stopped. Our luck ran out when we saw all the dryers were being used. It took two dryers to hold all our clothes. As Billy and I sat there waiting, one machine became available, so we thought it would be faster to just stuff the one machine with all of the clothes. Of course, before the clothes went into the machine, Billy insisted on first getting inside and going for a ride.

Accommodating his demands, he jumped into the dryer. As the machine started to spin, Billy was now tossing and tumbling inside the dryer, laughing and making faces through the glass window. The dryer was now heating up, so Billy’s ride was over—but not before I leaned up against the door, refusing to let him out.

His laughing now turned into panic, screaming and crying for me to open the door. After a few minutes of hysteria with his kicking the dryer door, did I finally let him out. With only a few burn marks on his elbows, we stuffed the dryer and headed back up to the front of the stores.

God Verses 14

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