brake 4

I could hardly see over the steering wheel as I stepped on the gas, slammed on the brake, then back onto the gas, jerking and bumping the car along with the two of them screaming at me. The only thing their yelling accomplished was to make me nervous, and I continued to alternate between the gas and the brake, driving all over the road and jerking the car back and forth.

Matthew finally jumped on me, slammed his foot on the brake, and we skidded to a sudden stop. Everyone gasped as we looked up out of the windshield and discovered that Matthew had stopped the car just short of a light pole that now stood mere inches from the car’s front bumper. They swore I would never drive with them again. Robbie took over the wheel and drove about a block before the car stalled. We couldn’t get it running again, and it was a 30-minute walk from Clason Point back to the projects. So we started the hike. All the way home, I got teased about my driving skills. I decided that Clason Point was not a lucky place for me because another incident would take place there.

God Verses 17

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