the Scapegoat


Billy instantly took off running and was able to escape, but not before the police officer started yelling for him to stop. Then, he flung his nightstick at Billy hitting his ankle, but Billy just kept running. When I tried to run, the officer grabbed me by my collar, then proceeded to drag me to where the nightstick made its final landing. He was upset that Billy was able to get away. Then he picked up the nightstick and gave me a hard whack across my butt. He viciously asked me for the name of the boy who had run away, and my mind raced thinking about the punishment I would get from Dad if he found out what we were doing. I lied, and said it was Scott, a new friend I had just met today. He said he was going to give me a ticket, and asked me my name. I lied again, and said my name was Tommy C. Then he asked me where I lived, and I lied again a third time, and gave Tommy C’s apartment number 12-G. I knew my quick thinking would keep me out of trouble because the policeman would never know who I was. I didn’t bargain for the long arm of the law!

About one hour later, I was in the C’s apartment, on the twelfth floor, hanging out in the back bedroom with Tommy C. when I heard a loud knock on the front door. Mr. C. answered the door and my friend, the police officer, was standing there. Mr. C. and the officer talked for a few minutes, and I knew exactly what they were talking about. After handing Mr C. a ticket for the offense, the officer left. Mr. C. screamed at the top of his lungs for Tommy to get out from the back room and into the living room. Mr. C. asked Tommy, “Why were you burning cardboard near the incinerator, and who was the other kid who took off running?”

Tommy C. just stood there, dumbfounded, looking at his father. He denied it was him, but his father wouldn’t believe him. His father gave him several chances to admit to his crime, but Tommy insisted it wasn’t him. I thought my father gave the worst beatings in the world, until I saw Tommy’s father beating him. I stood there watching Tommy get beat, knowing I was the one who should have been getting the beating, but I couldn’t say a word or move. I was just frozen in my place with fear running throughout my little body. Tommy was being punished after his beating, so I had to leave. I went outside to play in the grass and thought about my narrow escape.

God Verses 18

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